We can install Fire, Glass, Aluminum and Sliding Doors

Glass doors by NYCDoors

Transparent doors made of glass in recent years are rapidly gaining popularity among all consumers. Despite the fact that more recently, glass doors were used mainly in commercial and commercial premises, by now they have smoothly moved into residential buildings. Those originality, modernity and versatility, which are depleted from such structures, fit very well into many styles, especially in high-tech and modern styles.

Aluminum doors

Aluminum has long been used in the manufacture of doors. Such designs are both input and interior. Before buying, you should understand their design and practical application.

The differences between aluminum doors relate mainly to thickness, color and other stylistic features. Most often vary the thickness of the main elements, their color and other stylistic nuances. According to the production technology, the gaps separating the bead from the profile are categorically unacceptable. There are a series of profiles produced for residential buildings or for office, administrative buildings.

The door installed at the entrance to the heated room must have a thermal break. This is the name of the layer of material that minimally conducts heat. Thanks to this layer, frost, wind and precipitation have a minimal effect on the inside of the product.

Sliding doors

The sliding door is convenient because it saves the space of your room, is excellent in operation, brings a highlight to any interior. Sliding doors are installed not only in residential premises, but also in office, as well as in industrial premises.